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Rock River Newfoundlands

Rock River Newfoundlands is based out of Beloit, WI. We also have a partner who lives in Apple Creek, Ohio. We are Newfoundland dog breeders offering Newfoundland puppies for sale both locally and to distant areas from us. We do not believe in shipping any Newfoundland dog for sale; instead we can deliver to you. Travel can be stressful enough on a new puppy, so we like to think of it as a small road trip vacation. We have traveled many places, so just ask about more information, when you contact me.

We believe in a lifelong training/working bond with your dog...after all Newfies are a working breed! There are many ways to get involved with places near you, so check out the link page for more information on what Newfie Clubs and the AKC can offer you and your fur baby.

Once you've gotten a pup from us, you are part of our family. We have offered to you the lifelong commitment to our dogs no matter what age. We are here to answer questions, concerns, and give any advice to our new and old puppy owners.

We like to see updates on our pups once they've gone to their new homes; so please feel free to send us lots of cute pictures! You never know when you may win a cute puppy contest award like our pup "Moose"-Northern Lights, from Ivory's 2014 litter. You can see his pictures under our links page.


This is a service we offer only to our puppy parents.