Watchbear's Tall Ship Skipper (Skipper) WS3297505

Skipper passed on 12/9/17 You can find information on our Rainbow Bridge page.

Frozen sperm is available for future breedings.

He had OFA Hips (NF-10974G25M-VPI) and OFA Elbows (NF-EL4596M25-VPI). ​

​Raven Flying Over Rock River Bridge (Raven) WS56115903

​Raven is a fun filled dog that loves to play with the kids and wrestle with the dogs. She is super sweet and affectionate, with lots of kisses to give. This big girl weighs 135# and is the daughter of Agnes and Bridger Bear, so we hold her to a very high standard and haven't been disappointed in the slightest. Raven scored above average for her PennHip test. She is OFA elbow certified (NF-EL6458F26-VPI) as well as OFA heart certified (NF-CA5974/26F/P-VPI). ​ Resides in Wisconsin.

Walter of Eagle's Nest (Walter) WS56141708

Walter is a beautiful black boy that we have added to our breeding program in early 2019. He is very gentle and loving. He enjoys kisses and belly rubs as well as going for walks around the farm. His favorite pass time is hanging out with the kids. Walter has had a DNA analysis documented (V845051). His preliminary Elbow OFA showed no signs of elbow dysplasia, and he scored above average for his PennHip test. Heart has been cleared by veterinarian, and he is cleared of Cystinuria by parentage. Currently residing in Ohio.

​We are not a show kennel. All of our dogs are family companions that are raised, in home, with children. We have many puppies that have been trained for service work. If that is something you are in need of, we need to know when applying. There is a certain personality needed for certain types of work.

Healthy parents have a better chance for healthy puppies!

Coblentz Sassy Izzy (Izzy) WS54592003

​Izzy is a great energetic girl who loves to play. She is very curious and ready to have some fun. She is a petite lady at 115#  Elbows normal and heart clear. Currently her favorite past time is playing with the kids. She loves to walk with them. She is residing in Ohio.

​Lynn K-Cor.A.Lee's Timeless Fendi (Baily) WS43200303

​Daughter to Jade, Baily is an amazing girl that comes out of two show kennels in Michigan. We have lots of high hopes for this girl. She is not only stunningly beautiful, but she is gentle, and structurally sound. A big girl at 130# Heart clear, hips good, cleared by parentage for cystinuria. Her favorite past time is playing with the kids and running the yard. She is super sweet and well mannered. She resides in Ohio.

Rock River Newfoundlands

Five Star's Classic Jade (Jade) WS52475105

​Jade is a beautiful black Newfoundland with a big heart and lots of love to give. She is gentle and true to the breed. A big girl structurely sound at 135# She is cleared by parentage for cystinuria, OFA hips (NF-12605G24F-VPI) and OFA elbow (NF-EL6105F24-VPI). Currently residing in Ohio.